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We sincerely apologize to all our fans seeking to purchase Thomas V. Diamond Music on iTunes. We have no plans to include any of Thomas V. Diamond Music on the Apple website at this time. Because Thomas V. Diamond Music is an independent music label without major backing all music is owned and exclusive to only Thomas V. Diamond Music. However we remain committed to all our fans to ensure that all their purchases here at Thomas V. Diamond Music is secure. Your purchases here are greatly appreciated and will help Thomas V. Diamond fund musical recordings and video production.

Thomas V. Diamond works hard to bring to the world all these musical recordings at his own expense. Please report any unauthorized use of Thomas V. Diamond Music to management@thomasdiamondmusic.com. No other entity has authorization to sell, display or distribute any of Thomas V. Diamond musical recordings except for Google Play. Our only partner that authorized to display our videos is Google Inc. Youtube at this time. All sales of any mp3s or recordings are exclusive only to Google Play at this time. If you see any other entity that is selling or distributing Thomas V. Diamond Music please report abuse to management@thomasdiamondmusic.com.

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