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“Tom if you don’t share your talent with the world you would rob them of the most precious gift ever.”-Beth S.

“Each time he plays he moves the earth beneath my feet.”-Beth S.

“He’s the Pavarotti of piano.”-Dan C.

“He’s a musical genius.”-D Kim

“How does he remember all that?”-B Avery

“Diamonds are forever”-D Les (And so are the payments.-Thomas V. Diamond)

“It’s very soulful and emotional.”-R Palmer

“Excellent”-Scott S.

“I’ve worked with a lot of music professionals but I never seen anyone play like him ever.”-Richard T.

“Beautiful” –Theresa S.

I thought it was going to be backyard music” –Charles R.

Very beautiful”-Nancy T.

“It’s beautiful” –Lucy Y.

Thank you Tom. You produce some of the most beautiful listening music I have ever had the pleasure of listening to”-Phil W.

Love it!”-Theresa P.

Very romantic and pretty.”-Scott S.

Well Uncle Thomas, you are the man! The track is amazing.” –Nephew

“Playing music? Call mom” –Sister

I am inspired by your story”-Andrew N.

Awesome job Tom”-Peter N.

“Your music is so great. I very much enjoyed. Good luck !!” –Dr. Steve H., SVP

“Thomas, you are an amazing person with God given abilities and such great talent.”-Shannon B.

“Hellz yeah man!!! Those are some good ass musical pieces!!” –Tony B.

“Perfect”-Rana Y.

Your music speaks for itself.”-Keith M.

“You are very talented!”-Buffy O.

“Beautiful”-Pauline V.

“Very pretty.  I really liked it.”-Scott S.

“You are amazing! Thank you so much!”-Theresa P.

“Thank you! Not only do you have amazing talent, you have an amazing heart!”-Theresa P.

“Truly Amazing”-Theresa P.

“Tom, I can’t begin to tell you how much I enjoy your music. After a hard day, it is so relaxing to just sit back and listen. Thank you for sharing it.”-Phil W.

“Wow, you have a great story behind your talent, i’m sure a lot of people are going to become fans when they hear you”-H. Bui

“You are so talented… all these arrangements”-Nancy T.

“Can’t wait to listen to them all!”-Lois T.

“You are a very talented artist.”-Lucy Y.

“Grats Tom, nice to see you playing again”-Peter N.

“Awesome!”-Pauline V.

“This is awesome dude.”-Vincent L.

Awesome”-William R.

Very nice Thomas, you are truly talented…….I enjoyed it”-Sherry M.

 “Diamond in the Rough.”Charles B.

“Diamond you’re one of a kind.  One of a kind.”-Willie F. Jr.

“I love it!  You really are talented.” –Elizabeth O.

“Your kindness touched my soul.  I am very thankful to have met you.” –Dr. Mohamed El-H.

“Beautiful, mesmerizing, tranquil, powerful, and soothing all at the same time.” –Alejandro M.

“Many thanks. I am touched that you share with me your artistic work. This was beautiful, peaceful, and pure like dew on a rose.” –Dr. Mohamed El-H.

Wow…you can make a piano sing..”-N. Skull

I’m just gonna say this, not my usually forte, but that calmed me and took me on a mini journey…respect”-N. Skull

We enjoyed it and hope things really take off for you soon so you can bring your talent to more people!”-Benjamin E.

God has given you a gift..”-Rodney K.

Beautiful as always!”-P. Williams

Beautiful!”-Blain S.

Sound like I am in heaven.”-William R.

Beautiful!”-Victoria C.

Good Job Tom!”-Tim W.

This is so beautiful Tom! It sounds like it should be on the end of a great love story.”-Lucy Y.

Nicely done Tom.. ”-Christopher L.

Beautiful. Good job!”-Josh H.

Your music is always beautiful!!”-Lois T.

I don’t like it. I LOVE it!”-Alex M.

You have such amazing talent.”-Shawn W.

That is so beautiful.”-Shawn W.

My God, you are good.”-Shawn W.

You outdid yourself with this Thomas!!! It’s beguiling, and leaves you wanting more!!! Spectacular!!”-Lucy Y.


2011 exclusive web interview

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This is a short exclusive web interview done with Thomas Diamond in 2011 prior to any social media existence.


Interviewer: Hello. We are here with Thomas Diamond today for an exclusive web interview for Thomas Diamond Music. How are you today, Thomas? Or what do you prefer Tom, Tommy, Thomas?

Thomas: Tom is fine. All my friends and family call me Tom. I’m doing good, Thanks.


Interviewer: So let’s start with a few simple questions. I understand you write your own music?

Thomas: Yes. I have several projects in the works and a few pieces I need fine tune before I release it.


Interviewer: How did you learn how to play piano when you were young?

Thomas: In my senior year there was a grand piano hidden behind the backstage in the high school auditorium. It was just sitting there. It appeared like no one had ever even played it. I was surprised it was still in tune. Every day at lunch time I would sneak in there and play it. I was afraid someone might come in and kick me out but no one did. I never noticed but the high school counselor was always on the balcony listening to me play. By playing it whenever I could I became very good by the end of the school year. I only got to play it an hour a day until I got my very own piano.


Interviewer: You also mentioned that you never had a piano lesson in your life?

Thomas: Yes that’s correct.


Interviewer: Simply unbelievable. How did you manage to compose or play the way you do?

Thomas: When I look at a piano I look at it like a Rubik’s Cube. Everything comes together and I know what keys to push to create music.


Interviewer: I would really like to speak to some of the people that can confirm this. I just find it unbelievable by the way you play.

Thomas: That’s not a problem. Just don’t reveal their names. I want to shield all the people I know from the media.


Interviewer: I understand that you are releasing singles for purchase. Is there reasoning behind it? Why not release a full album?

Thomas: I don’t want to release an album with 15 mediocre songs and 1 good song. Every piece of music I write I strive to keep it at a very high standard. I’ve written many pieces but it’s just those few that I wrote I felt have lived up to expectations. I know it’s not possible to please everyone but I want every piece to be a hit with the listener. I’m a perfectionist if I don’t release anything soon it would take me literally a millennium to release anything so I decided to release each piece as singles.

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“When you play music you discover a part of yourself that you never knew existed.”

— Bill Evans